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Becoming a Leader

Hands on activities are specially developed and prepared to stimulate leadership and management skills with a focus on teamwork allowing participants to develop, practice and hone their skills.

These include skills in team management, project management and communication.



The RYLA team are dedicated to empowering participants to be the best they can be. They assist participants to develop their leadership skills through planned activities, structured reflection time and to develop skills like self-evaluation and character analysis.

Opportunities are also available to extend leadership skills as well as becoming a leader.




What does RYLA 2024 cost?

There is no cost to RYLA participants! A Rotary club will sponsor each sponsor each person that attends. In 2024, the cost to Rotary clubs is approximately $1300 per participant, and approximately $1,200 per leader.


When is RYLA 2024?

RYLA 2024 is from Monday 8 July to Saturday 13 July – which is during most university semester breaks, and school holidays (perfect for early-career teachers!)


Where is RYLA 2024 being held?

The venue this year is on Phillip Island – at Phillip Island Adventure Camps.


How will I get to RYLA?

Transport to and from RYLA will be arranged for you, there will be a bus pick-up from a convenient location on the Monday morning. 

Where do I get more information about RYLA?

Email  or

Or by contacting your local Rotary Club to express your interest in participating in the RYLA leadership program.

RYLA, and all Rotary Youth programs, have policies for protecting the people at our events and protecting private information. To see our policies, click here.

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