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MUNA 2023

Thank you for participating in MUNA 2023!

Details for the Parliament House Tour and photos from MUNA are below.

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The Parliament House Tour and MUNA Reunion will be on Wednesday 20 September 2023. Arrive at the front steps by 2:45 pm to allow time to pass through security.


This is an opportunity to learn more about Victoria's parliamentary system and reconnect with fellow MUNA participants. You'll be able to enter the legislative chambers where Victoria's laws are made, sit in a member of parliament's chair, and see behind the scenes on the tour. Afternoon tea will be provided.

The tour is open to MUNA participants, their family and teachers. To make passing through security easier, please provide the names of all attendees by completing this online form. Students and under-18s will also need to have their parent/carer complete this consent form. 

The event will conclude by 4:30 to 5:00 pm. It is the students and their parents/carer's responsibility to travel to and from Parliament House.


The photos taken by our photographer will be available here shortly. We are also working on the video recording, however this may take some time.

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We would really appreciate if you could complete this feedback form to help us make MUNA even better!

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